A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in which patients seek medical care from a doctor participating in the plan’s network.  If you join Blue Shield HMO, you select a PCP within Blue Shield's network of doctors.  Most services and medicines are covered with a small co-payment.  Any specialty care you need will be coordinated through your PCP and will require a referral or authorization.

Blue Shield is offering an additional low cost HMO Medical Plan: Blue Shield Trio HMO 

The local doctors and hospitals in Trio’s select network work closely to keep everyone healthy while keeping costs down. The result is dependable care and a lower premium.

Trio HMO plan highlights
  • Same benefits as the Blue Shield Access+ HMO plan
  • Access to a select network of local doctors and hospitals
  • A lower premium than you pay for Access+ HMO

With Trio, you also have access to Shield Concierge, a team of experts that includes pharmacists, registered nurses, service representatives, and others. You simply call one toll-free number for personalized support on all aspects of your care, including benefits, claims, pharmacy and more.

How is the Trio HMO plan different from the Access+ HMO plan?
  • Your premium is lower.
  • Just like the Access+ HMO plan, when you’re enrolled in Trio, you can change your primary care physician (PCP) at any time. However, the PCP must be in the Trio Accountable Care Organization (ACO) HMO Network, which is smaller than the Access+ HMO Network.
  • Trio's select network focuses on coordinating your care to help keep you and your family healthy and reduce your costs.
  • With Shield Concierge, you call one toll-free number for help with all aspects of your care rather than a larger customer service call center.

Please see the Blue Shield HMO TRIO Summary of Benefits and Coverage for more information.

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