As a San Mateo County Supervisor, I am committed to finding smart and innovative solutions to reduce the region’s growing issue of traffic and congestion -- which greatly impacts residents of San Mateo County.


In 2017 I was appointed to represent the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors on the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). MTC is the transportation planning, financing and coordinating agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area. MTC helps support the network of transportation services and resources that serve the region, including SamTrans, Caltrain and Redi-Wheels in San Mateo County. As San Mateo County’s representative to MTC, I have been a vocal proponent of keeping our transportation network strong, equitable and functional. I believe this is critical to the economic vitality of the region, the health of our environment, and the quality of life for all county residents.

Transportation is one of my top priorities as Supervisor. Reducing traffic congestion, repairing our local roads and fixing potholes, supporting alternative transit options like rail, bus, express lanes and bicycle and pedestrian facilities are goals that I believe that we can all get behind. I am proud to be a leading voice on the following initiatives: 

Dumbarton Transportation Corridor

The Dumbarton Transportation Corridor presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a transportation network that will help ease current traffic congestion and establish another link between the Peninsula and East Bay. It will transform the connectivity, accessibility, and efficiency of transit in the Bay Area for the long-range future. The proposed Dumbarton Corridor project would make changes to the Dumbarton highway bridge, as well as rehabilitate the old Dumbarton rail bridge that runs parallel to the highway bridge with a new transit system. The idea of rebuilding the Dumbarton rail bridge has been around for more than 30 years, but each time efforts have fallen short. Finally, this project has the momentum it needs to succeed. SamTrans has taken a major step and adopted the final version of the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor Study and is supporting further development work. I support the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor project, both the rail and highway components, and also inclusion of a bicycle/pedestrian path along the corridor. I am pleased with the progress we are making towards seeing this become a reality.  Implementing the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor to get cars off our congested roads, provide quality transpotation options and yield a cleaner environment. I am committed to doing everything I can to move this important project forward.

You can read what I’ve said about the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor:

Express Lanes on US 101

I am a strong supporter of creating managed High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes in San Mateo County on Highway 101. An express lane is a lane that carpoolers, vanpools and bus riders take for free, while also offering other vehicles the option to pay a toll to use the lane. This will allow for more flexibility and options for commuters and create much needed revenue from toll-paying vehicles to go towards other transportation projects, including express bus services. Toll levels vary by time of day and congestion level. In other words, the cost to drive alone in a managed lane during the peak hour of the morning commute will cost more than it does to drive in the lane during times with lighter traffic. Express Lanes offer increased flexibility over regular carpool HOV lanes because they use real-time traffic condition information to ensure that traffic flows at the maximum speed possible. In Alameda County, the Interstate 580 express lanes, which cover 11 miles eastbound and 14 miles westbound between Dublin and Livermore, have been in operation for several years and have produced millions of dollars in net revenue from tolls. With the addition of managed lanes on Highway 101, we would help ease traffic and raise funds for other crucial infrastructure improvements: a win-win! The Express Lanes will stretch from approximately San Antonio Road in the south to Interstate 380 in the north. The southern portion is scheduled to open to traffic in late 2021, the northern section in late 2022.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

I am focused on ensuring our community has safe and accessible bicycle and pedestrian facilities. With so many competing transportation priorities in the region, it is important that improved bicycle and pedestrian conditions are not neglected. As part of the North Fair Oaks Middlefield Redesign Plan, my staff and I worked with the North Fair Oaks Forward Team to improve bicycle connectivity in the North Fair Oaks community. The plan includes additional designated bicycle facilities such as bike lanes and paths, and improving the safety of existing infrastructure, like secure bike parking in commercial areas. I am also a supporter of San Mateo County’s Comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, which was adopted in 2011. The plan has already made great progress and aims to implement an interconnected system of safe, convenient and universally accessible bicycle and pedestrian facilities in the county, for both transportation and recreation purposes. Additionally, as part of the Dumbarton Transportation Corridor, I am supportive of a safe bicycle and pedestrian multi-use path on the proposed right-of-way.

Caltrain Electrification

It is vital that the Caltrain Modernization Plan, which aims to electrify Caltrain’s commuter rail systems by 2022, is completed. Electrification of Caltrain means quieter, cleaner, and more frequent improved service for riders. These improvements will benefit residents of the county for many years to come. For the present, Caltrain is seeking to put in place a secure, reliable and sufficient source of operating funds, by asking voters in the three Caltrain counties (San Mateo, Santa Clara, and San Francisco) to increase the local sales tax by 1/8 of a cent. 

I welcome input from all my constituents -- drivers, carpoolers, bus and train riders, cyclists and anyone else who cares about mobility and quality of life in this county.

For comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to communicate with me directly at (650) 363-4570 or at

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