Wednesday, Mar 14, 2018
  • On March 13, 2018 the Office of Sustainability presented the Board of Supervisors with the Final Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment and an overview on the Climate Action Plan, which also helps the County prepare for climate change.

    The Final Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment explains how sea level rise will affect San Mateo County residents, businesses, and the community with the purpose of preparing and protecting San Mateo County’s most vulnerable communities. Areas between San Francisco’s Bay and the Pacific Coast are the areas that could find themselves to be the most affected by sea level rise.

    The assessment’s key findings point to the need for:

    • Both near- and long-term actions to protect the county’s networked infrastructure which contains roads and highways, levees, electric substations, transmission towers, wastewater treatment plants and pump stations;

    • Actions at multiple geographic scales focused on emergency preparedness, policy, plan and procedure updates, and shoreline and site-specific protection measures;

    • Strategies to support residents’ mental and physical health when sea levels rise and prevent post-flood health hazards and social and economic disruption;

    • Coordinated and collaborative action across multiple jurisdictions. 

    To view the complete Final Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment visit