Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Carol Marks
  • On May 19th, the Board of Supervisors approved a three-year contract with AECOM, an engineering firm to create the redesign of Middlefield Road between 5th Avenue and Pacific Avenue. The firm will:

    • conduct field surveys
    • prepare a traffic and signalization analysis 
    • create the concept design 
    • utility relocation 
    • streetlight design 
    • railroad crossing improvements 
    • bicycle and pedestrian improvement designs
    • stormwater and drainage treatment improvements 
    • environmental analysis, and
    • coordinate the utility companies during the under grounding of the overhead power, telephone and cable lines for the project.

    The consultant’s work is estimated to take two years. If all remains on schedule, construction will commence in the Summer/Fall of 2017. The construction and undergrounding of utilities will take about a year.