Friday, Mar 15, 2019
  • group photo taken during visit to East Palo Alto Senior Center

    I had the pleasure of visiting the East Palo Alto Senior Center.  East Palo Alto Councilmember Ruben Abrica and members of the Latinos Seniors Association (Asociación Latina de la Tercera Edad) joined me as we ate one of my favorite dishes, pozole, with other seniors at the Center. This home-cooked pozole was made by Yolanda Ortiz and Ms. Grant – it was delicious, and it warmed the soul! 

    All the great work being done for our seniors couldn’t happen without Ms. Grant, Executive Director of the Senior Center, who has been a community volunteer for over 20 years. She makes home-cooked meals and truly enjoys giving back to the community. Thank you to the East Palo Alto Senior Center, the Latino Seniors Association and the City of East Palo Alto, who were all so welcoming and do such great work for our seniors.
    To learn about the services the East Palo Alto Senior Center, click on the following link -