Sunday, Jul 26, 2015
Carol Marks
  • JobTrain, one of the most successful job-retraining programs in the country, added a course to teach software coding to young adults this spring. It is perfect example of the type of program that we need. It responds to the needs of Silicon Valley, focuses on a well-paid future for its students, and takes advantage of the corporate partners that have made our area nationally renowned.

    According to Nora Sobolov, Executive Director of JobTrain, "We graduated our first class from teh 16-week Coding Bootcamp on July 24th."

    Designers of the course, New Initiatives Manager Jennifer Overholt and Instructor Mike Shipstead, both worked for technology companies prior to coming to JobTrain. The class is project-based, hands-on and run like a software company's development team to give the students a feel for what they would be expected to do and how the tech industry works.

    According to Ms. Overholt, 80 people applied, 23 people started the class, and 20 graduated from the program. "We are very proud of the students in this program as well as teh program's graduation rate!" They only accepted applicants who hold a high school diploma or GED and displayed a certain "grit" or persistence and willingness to keep trying in their interviews.

    The JobTrain graduates attended workshops and panels sponsored by technology companies and developed resumes, and online portfolios of their work -- essential credentials for applying for a coding job. Learn more about the class here: