Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018
  • BOS

    I want to share with you some highlights from October 2nd County of San Mateo – Government Board Meeting:

    • As a Vietnamn Veteran, I am proud to approve district specific Measure K funds to San Mateo County Blue Stars Moms for officers of Skyline College Student Veterans of America to attend the National Student Veterans of America conference in January 2019 in an amount not to exceed $2,350. The conference includes workshops to address the unique challenges and strategies to improve services to student veterans.
    • The Board adopted a resolution opposing Proposition 6 on the November ballot, which if passed, would repeal the SB 1 gas tax. Opposition to Prop. 6 is vitally important to protect funding for transportation projects and maintain local streets and roads. It’s important we act now before our commutes worsen.
    • The Board approved Affordable Housing Fund commitments totaling $19,879,719. These dollars will be used to leverage an additional $781M in financing (89% of the cost for the projects) for 9 new construction affordable rental housing developments, two new construction multifamily homeownership developments and a rehabilitation of existing affordable rental housing. This will bring 635 affordable housing units to San Mateo County, including 129 units for homeless clients, 12 for former foster youth who have aged out of the program, and 55 units for homeless veterans. For more information on housing please visit –

    Board agenda, streaming video of the meeting and more at