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Supervisor Don Horsley

The Agricultural Workshop Water Supply Reliability drew about 80 members of our agricultural community who were motivated by the serious water shortages they are facing.  The workshop included three panels and a resource/ social hour. There were requests for the power points used at the workshop. They are posted at the bottom of this page.

The first panel brought statewide expertise to share their knowledge.

  • Dr. Doug Parker, PhD  Director - California Institute for Water Resources
  • Danny Merkley  Director of Water Resources - California Farm Bureau Federation
  • Brian Johnson  California Director -  Trout Unlimited

The second panel shared local successes.

  • Jim Robins Alnus Ecological
  • Nando Muzzi R.Rossi Company
  • John Vars Fifth Crow Farm
  • Stacie Ruffoni Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County
  • Dan Olstein Peninsula Open Space Trust
  • Dave Repetto Repetto’s Nursery (via video)

The final panel provided resources and partnership opportunities for those who want to actively address their water challenges. Their contact information is provided in the event

  • Kellyx Nelson San Mateo County Resource Conservation District
  • Dr. Virginia Bolshakova, PhD University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Jim Howard Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Bill Power Power Services Inc.
  • Brett Melone California FarmLink

Thank you to the sponsors, co-sponsors, panelists and attendees for a great day.