September 21, 2011
  • 9/21/2011--County grants $100K to afterschool tech programs

    San Mateo Daily Journal Staff Report


    San Mateo County, the Board of Supervisors and Workforce Development Services, a

    division of the Human Services Agency, have granted $100,000 in funding to local cities

    to support after-school technology programs for elementary and middle-school students.

    “This funding is critically important,” said Carole Groom, board president and co-chair of

    the math and science work group. “San Mateo County is world renowned for its

    technology and knowledge-driven industries. It is essential that our local youth develop

    the skills needed and have opportunities to become the innovators of tomorrow.”

    Through these grants, more than 700 students will participate in science and math

    programs. Among then, 120 elementary school studies in South San Francisco will

    explore science through microbe and plant experiments. In Daly City, middle-school

    students will work with San Francisco State University students on robotics and science

    projects. Parks and recreation programs in San Carlos, Half Moon Bay and Pacifica will

    offer computer programming and use high-tech tools to analyze earth’s environmental

    and ecological communities.