Welcome to Active San Mateo County!

Active San Mateo County is an initiative that brings together leaders and community members to explore ways of promoting healthy, active lifestyles and more livable communities through an annual conference and events that activate our local public spaces. Supervisor Groom launched the initiative in 2009 with the first Active San Mateo County Conference, "Creating & Using Active Public Spaces," and was followed in Spring 2010 with Streets Alive!, a countywide celebration that closed streets to cars and opened them to healthy, fun activities for all.

MIGRATING THROUGH CHANGE: 10th Annual Active SMC Conference

The conference explored how five major migrations that touch San Mateo County are being impacted by climate change, human behaviors and technology. Distinguished speakers included: Allen Fish, Director of Golden Gate Raptor Observatory; Jim Harvey, Director of Moss Landing Marine Laboratiries; Angela Laws, Monarch and Pollinator Ecologist with the Xerces Society; Steve Lindley, Fisheries Ecology Director with NOAA Fisheries Science Center; and Dr. Arthur Shapiro, Distinguished Professor at UC Davis Department of Evolution and Ecology.

HISTORICAL TOURISM IN 2017: 9th Annual Active SMC Conference

The annual conference highlighted how tourism to San Mateo County's local historical sites, museums, walking routes, parks and open spaces are impacting today's economy and environment. Presenters Anne LeClair, President & CEO of the San Mateo County Silicon Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau, Rachael Lopes, Public Access Program Manager of Peninsula Open Space Trust, and Mitch Postel, President of the San Mateo County Historical Association, inspired attendees to get active and dive into history in San Mateo County.

PARKS FOREVER!: 8th Annual Active SMC Conference

Celebrating the centennial of the National Parks System, "Parks Forever! celebrates the recreational activities available to San Mateo County residents at the local, state and national levels on Friday, October 21st. Speakers include Lisa Mangat, Director of California State Parks, Aaron Roth, Acting General Superintendent of Golden Gate National Recreation Area and Marlene Finley, Director of San Mateo County Parks.

WORDS FROM THE WILD: 7th Annual Active SMC Conference

Wild California is at our doorstep! The 7th annual Active San Mateo County Conference, entitled Words from the Wild, was held October 22, 2015 at the Belmont Library. Keynote Speaker Tom Stienstra, San Francisco Chronicle Outdoors Writer, Author, and two-time National Outdoor Writer of the Year, shared his experiences and insight into exploring the local wild outdoors in California and San Mateo County. A local panel of recreation experts expanded on the opportunities available in San Mateo County from hiking to kayaking.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: 6th Annual Active SMC Conference

The 6th annual Active San Mateo County Conference, entitled Food for Thought, was held on October 29, 2014 at the San Mateo Garden Center. Keynote speaker Miriam Russell-Wadleigh, the Executive Chef at Stanford University, gave a dynamic address that touched on local sourcing of food products, the economics of food for restaurants and farmers, and creative ways of utilizing healthy produce in daily cooking. About 80 attendees heard Chef Russell-Wadleigh's address and participated in 4 different panel workshops and a tour of the Beresford Community Garden. This year's conference centered on being healthier through better eating, including the roles that community gardens, farmer's markets, nutrition, and better community planning play. 


Streets Alive! was inspired by the first Active San Mateo County Conference, "Creating and Using Active Public Spaces." In his keynote presentation, Gil Penalosa challenged San Mateo County to participate in the 2010 National Institutes of Health Campaign, "1000 Cities, 1000 Lives" and World Health Organization's "World Health Day," which encouraged cities to close streets to cars and open streets to people. In 2010, Streets Alive! celebrations were held at 11 locations throughout the county promoting healthy, fun activities for all.

Resources for a Healthy & Active San Mateo County:

San Mateo County Food System Alliance
The San Mateo County Food System Alliance is a collaboration of community leaders focused on creating a better future for farms, people and the environment locally since its founding in 2006. It convenes a diverse group of stakeholders and develops innovative programs to support access to healthy food for all, as well as publishes the San Mateo County Food System Assessment.

As Fresh As It Gets San Mateo County
Looking for the freshest local fare? The As Fresh As It Gets program ties together the area's hospitality, agriculture, fishing and beverage industries, rewarding and promoting establishments serving outstanding fresh and local products in San Mateo County.

San Mateo County Farmers Markets
San Mateo County has a vibrant agricultural industry and we are fortunate to have access to the fresh, locally-grown and sourced food, from seafood to dairy to fruits and vegetables. Find a local farmer's market near you!

San Mateo County Office of Sustainability Active Transportation
The County's Active Transportation Program supports policies and programs that reduce traffic congestion and encourage more bicycling and walking. This includes the Bike and Pedestrian Count interactive map and the San Mateo County Bikeways Map where the public can input bike access data in real-time, and identifying future needs and exploring policy through the County Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

San Mateo County Office of Sustainability Waste Reduction
The Waste Reduction program provides resources on where to recycle products, donate used items, dispose of hazardous waste, and how to start composting at home, as well as provides trainings and models of programs that help reduce waste.

Get Healthy SMC
A local collaborative of community-based organizations in partnership with schools, cities, hospitals and San Mateo County Health committed to the vision that health begins where people live, learn, work and play, and believes strongly in equitable and healthy communities as a foundation for strong and resilient communities.