The County of San Mateo is actively engaged in preparedness and response efforts. The best place to find out what the county is doing is to visit the main county page at This page focuses on the Office of Community Affairs outreach and engagement efforts.


What We Are Doing

Working very closely with the San Mateo County Health Department, our office ensures that the most recent and relevant health information is being distributed to our county residents. We have created a collaborative structure that leverages community strengths, promotes collective action, and supports the health and safety of all residents in our county.


We will continue to coordinate with national, state, and regional health efforts to avoid duplication and ensure consistency in the information that is going out to the public. In addition to the SMC Health Department resources, we cull the latest information from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as the California Department of Public Health.  We want to make sure we are doing the same within our County.  We work closely with cities, providing strategy, messaging, materials. as well as support for communication and outreach.

The Office of Community Affairs recently awarded 34 community-based organziations to provide outreach to their local communities in a culturally-sensitive and linguistically appropriate way. These organizations have local knowledge and expertise in engaging diverse segments of the resident population.



Our local community leaders are the trusted messengers in their communities, and will increase awareness and preparedness through their existing networks, channels and programs. To find out more about the organizations funded by San Mateo County in providing these outreach services click this link here.

Community Crew

Our community crew is actively engaging with our local residents every week.  




The Mask Mobile visits locations around the County and provides educational materials in multiple languages to residents of our most vulnerable communities. The schedule is based upon COVID-19 cases by city, found on the San Mateo County Health website as well as California Healthy Places Index lowest census tract scores.  Locations may change based upon current weather conditions or as new data becomes available.  Find out more about the Mask Mobile here.


County Efforts


Find out more information about how you can get vaccination in San Mateo County by clicking here.


Get tested if you have been in close contact to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you have symptoms. Find out more information or schedule an appointment by clicking here.

Contact Tracing

The San Mateo County Health Department has more information on contact tracing here.  Contact tracing is a confidential process that helps to identify people who may become ill due to close contact with someon who has tested positive for COVID-19. It helps keep our community healthy by notifying people who need to safely separate themselves from others and getting them connected to treatment and support resources if needed.

Contact tracing infographic



You may qualify for resources if you are tested positive. The contact tracer you speak to can refer you.


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Links to County Resources:

Children and Families

Food Assistance

Senior Resources

Tenant Assistance