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About the App

Choose Local San Mateo County is a smartphone app designed to help businesses attract more customers while boosting their revenue -- at no cost to the business or the customer. Your customers get a percentage of their purchase back in the form of SMC Points. Those points can then be used as cash at redeeming businesses that the County pays for!

This is a loyalty program to get more San Mateo County residents, workers, and visitors to shop locally. It’s completely FREE for your business and your customers - it’s a win-win for everyone!

Join the Choose Local SMC app today! It’s easy to get started by either becoming a Participating Business or a Redeeming Business. Here’s how:

Let more people DISCOVER your business - become a Participating Business.
As a Participating Business, when a customer on the app shops at your store, they earn SMC Points that can be earned at Redeeming Businesses. Participating Businesses are discoverable on the Choose Local SMC app and receive County-wide marketing.

EARN MONEY as a Redeeming Business
As a Redeeming Business, you get the same benefits as a Participating Business but you accept SMC Points from customers. The County will reimburse you for the points redeemed - each point is $1. Your customers get a discount or free purchase based on the number of points they use at your store but the County pays for it!

For example, if a customer redeems 50 SMC Points at your redeeming business, the County will pay you $50.

How to Participate in Choose Local San Mateo County

Almost any business is eligible to join in the benefits of the Choose Local SMC app. Get started today!


Apply to be part of the program by completing this application - available in English, Chinese, Spanish and Tagalog. If qualified (see eligibility criteria below), you will receive an email welcoming your business to the Choose Local San Mateo County app.


If you have selected that you would like to become a Redeeming Business and accept SMC Points as payment, you will receive an email with detailed next steps.


Once your application is finished, we will get you the promotional items you need to help spread the word. The businesses that take the most advantage of the Choose Local SMC app are encouraging their customers to download the app by promoting it on their website, social media platforms, and in-person BEFORE any purchase (that way BOTH parties can reap the benefits of the County's rewards).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Legally operating for-profit or non-profit business that has a physical public presence within the San Mateo County limits (home-based businesses that sell at SMC events such as Farmers’ Markets are eligible)
  • Valid business license and operating permits (as applicable)
  • Independently owned and operated, with the principal office located in San Mateo County (publicly traded companies and corporate-owned franchise businesses are ineligible at this time)
  • Businesses should contribute to the overall quality and health of the community (no vape, liquor, marijuana, tobacco stores)
  • Businesses must accept credit cards and/or debit cards.

If you have questions please email

Steps to Become a Redeeming Business

Participating businesses may choose to become a redeeming business, meaning they will accept SMC Points as payment at NO cost to their business.  SMC Points are reimbursed by the County of San Mateo. Redeeming businesses will be featured in the app, and enjoy more foot traffic as customers look to spend their SMC Points. The below video walks through these instructions on how to become a Redeeming Business: