Measure K is a countywide half-cent sales tax extension passed by local voters in November 2016 to support essential County services and to maintain or replace critical facilities. The original tax was passed in 2012 (assigned as Measure A on that ballot). Measure K extends the sales tax for 20 years, until March 31, 2043.

The County is rebranding all services supported by Measure A funds as Measure K. The goal is to improve transparency and to avoid confusion.

The Measure K Oversight Committee ensures the completion of, and reviews the results of, an annual audit of the Measure K sales and use tax revenues received by the County, reviews and recommends appropriate metrics to assess the impact of Measure K funds and prepares an annual report. The Committee does not make funding recommendations. Members meet at least twice a year and is not compensated.

Dan Quigg Member 7/9/2013 6/30/2023 District One
Michael Salazar Vice Chair 6/27/2017 6/30/2026 District One
Sam Hutkins Member 1/28/2014 6/30/2023 District Two
Ken Chin Member 6/27/2017 6/30/2026 District Two
David Burow Member 10/31/2017 6/30/2026 District Three
Bob Grassilli Member 6/25/2019 6/30/2023 District Three
Michael C. Kovalich Chair 6/27/2017 6/30/2026 District Four
Manuel Ramirez Member 7/9/2013 6/30/2023 District Four
Holly Lim Member 9/13/2022 9/30/2026 District Five
Wallace Moore Member 6/25/2019 6/30/2023 District Five

To learn about the impact Measure K is having on the quality of life for individuals in families in San Mateo County, please visit our Measure K website