Local Funds for Local Needs

Measure K is a half-cent, countywide sales tax extension approved by San Mateo County voters in 2016. The Board of Supervisors allocates funds from Measure K to maintain and upgrade our parks, enhance early learning opportunities to close the achievement gap, expand access to quality health and mental health care, build and protect affordable housing, promote public safetysupport seniorsdisabled individuals and veterans and improve the quality of life for all.

On this page you will find a comprehensive map that highlights programs, services and projects funded in whole or in part with funds from Measure K since the original tax took effect on April 1, 2013.

In addition, you will find a list of one-time Measure K-funded grants approved by the Board during the 2017-2019 budget cycle at the recommendation of District 4 Supervisor Warren Slocum

One-time community grants:

Note: At the beginning of each two-year budget cycle the Board of Supervisors designates a pool of funds from Measure K that can be invested to meet specific and unanticipated community needs. District 4 Supervisor Warren Slocum recommended, and the Board approved, funding the following initiatives during the 2017-2019 budget cycle:

Futbol con Corazón: $5,000. The Catholic Charities Immigration and Refugee Program provides legal services to unaccompanied minors -- children in the United States without their family. This grant supports a soccer tournament held locally in June 2018 for unaccompanied minors and raises funds for their assistance.

Blue Star Moms: $8,000. Blue Star Mom's mission to send care packages to U.S. military personnel stationed around the world. This grant pays for postage and other needs so that Blue Star Moms can reach additional troops. Approved April 2018.

Youth Conference: $3,000. This grant to Redwood City Parks and Arts Foundation supported the Orgullo Y Educacion Latinx Youth Conference, which brought together local youth, young adults and parents and guardians to explore ideas on Latino culture and identity. Approved April 2018.

Summer Jobs for Youth: $30,000. The local nonprofit agency One East Palo Alto operates a program that provides local youth with paying summer jobs and allows them to experience the world of work. This Measure K grant supports the program, which also hosts field trips to local firms and helps link youth with mentors. Approved April 2018.

Beyond Barriers: $25,000. Beyond Barriers is a Redwood City-based nonprofit organization with a mission to promote healthy lifestyles and life-long achievement by providing free and low-cost swim lessons to under-served youth. This Measure K grant will allow Beyond Barriers to provide swim lessons for children in need living in North Fair Oaks, East Menlo Park and East Palo Alto. Approved March 2018.

SamTrans Outreach: $300,000. This grant (split equally with District 3) contributes funding toward the second phase of public outreach campaign helping to establish community transportation priorities. Approved March 2018.

Parent/Youth Academy: $60,000. This grant to local nonprofit Nuestra Casa allows the organization to expand its parent and youth academies, which are designed to improve communication and build strong families. Approved February 2018.

Safe Housing: $47,000. The Service League of San Mateo County is a nonprofit agency that, among other activities, delivers programs and services to individuals in custody and to those that have been recently released from the correctional system. This grant contributes to the cost of repairs and upgrades at two transitional housing facilities. Approved February 2018.

Dental Health: $69,000. This grant to the Ravenswood Family Health Center helps to fund the expansion of dental services and provide quality care for low-income families. Approved February 2013.

Supporting Student Veterans: $2,370. This grant provides funds for officers of Skyline College Students Veterans of America to attend the National Student Veterans of America conference. Approved November 2017.

Building Leaders: $30,000. Hagar Services Coalition, a local nonprofit, will utiilize this Measure K grant to develop and deliver civic engagement and community leadership programs. Approved November 2017.

New Voices for Youth: $16,290. This grant to the League of Women Voters supports the initiative "New Voices for Youth," which encourages civic engagment among youth with video storytelling. Approved November 2017.

Youth Scholarships: $5,000. This grant supports the Bay Area Gardener's Foundation scholarship program for students from families with low incomes. Approved October 2017.

Immigration Services: $5,000. Measure K funds provide the local nonprofit agency One East Palo Alto with resourced necessary to conduct public outreach activities and provide services to immigrant families. Approved September 2017.

The Immigrant Experience: $100,000. The grant supports the San Mateo County Historical Association in its purchase of two interactive kiosks to record stories related to immigration and discrimination. Approved September 2017.

SamTrans Outreach: $350,000. This grant (split equally with District 3) funds the first phase of a public outreach campaign helping to establish community transportation priorities. Approved August 2017.

Moving History: $10,000. This grant supports planning efforts related to moving the historic Lathrop House from its current location on the County Center campus to a new home next to the San Mateo County History Museum. Approved July 2017.

For a list of initiatives funded during the 2015-2017 budget cycle, click here.


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