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Children’s Vaccines

Updated Nov. 12, 2021
Pediatric appointments (5-11) are available at the San Mateo County Event Center Playland clinic through November 27 by appointment only. Available days and times are listed on the state's MyTurn appointment scheduling tool.

Children ages 5 to 11 coming to the clinic will be met by a variety of colorful, age-appropriate themes including Legoland, Candy Land, Superheroes and Roblox.

Families who don’t have appointments will not be able to get their children vaccinated. Please don’t come to Playland without an appointment.

Local pharmacies, including CVSSafewayLucky Supermarkets, and Walgreens offer vaccines for the 5-11 year-old group at some of their locations. Residents should check MyTurn and these pharmacy chain’s websites to confirm availability.  At this time, Costco and Rite-Aid have not indicated a plan to offer these pediatric vaccines.

An additional resource for searching for COVID-19 vaccines, including pediatric (5-11), is It’s simpler than MyTurn and useful for searching for locations without first having to input a lot of data.